Biscuit the Climbing Dog

The Jack Russell Terrier known as Biscuit is a crag dog hall of famer. She made waves throughout the canine climbing world when her ascents were documented in the film “Front Range Freaks.”
“She’s got these short little toes that are nice and powerful,” says her owner Tom Kelly in the film.
Biscuit pioneered many doggy routes up to D7 on the Fountain sandstone of Eldorado Canyon, Colorado. She also had a puppy named Felix, who followed in his mother’s paw-prints to become an exceptional doggy climber. They both starred in the sequel to “Front Range Freaks” called “Return to Sender.” Biscuit’s routes such as Give a Dog a Bone (D6) remain test pieces for any aspiring crag dogs. Sadly, Biscuit was killed by a mountain lion, but Felix lives on.
Check out Biscuit’s historic debut on “Front Range Freaks.”


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