Bishop Crack

An amazing climbing line with a horrible sound track!
lower your volume to save your ears!


The Bishop Crack is located on a hoodoo of pink Pike granite near the Cathedral Spires Park, outside of Pine Grove, Colorado. Climbing the Bishop is a gift, a gift from the landowner, Mr. Jim Priest. Please be respectful of this precious place.
The Bishop Crack was first free-climbed by Christian Griffith and Henry Lester in 1982. Previously, it was the site of an unforgettable image of Mark Wilford, belayed by Jeff Lowe, during an advertising campaign for Jeff’s latest invention: Tricams.
The crack goes from off-width, to tight fingers, to tips, to mono-tips. This splitter changes in size throughout the year, due to thermal expansion and contraction. The tighter, summer version is definitely the most difficult .



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