Prices are displayed in Pound Sterling and do not include the entrance fee to the climbing venue, accommodation, travel or gear rental costs. Card payments are accepted and available at any location via a PayPal Here terminal.

Indoor Climbing Outdoor Climbing
Course Price
Beginners (3 hours for a minimum of 2 people) 40/person
Beginners Offer (3 beginners courses) 100/person
Development (3 hours) 65/person
Course Price
1 Day 90/person
2 Days 170/person
3 Days 250/person

 Special Offers

From time to time I offer special deals for 1 day or more. Deals might have special conditions, and will be advertised on my Facebook page. You will need to like the page in order to receive the updates about upcoming offers.

Some offers will be visible on my website, some might be visible on Facebook only.

 Concession Offers

Concessions are available, a coupon code will be given on request to eligible people.

Concession Prices*
Indoor Courses Price
Beginners (3 hours for a minimum of 2 people) 20/person
Development (3 hours) 45/person
Outdoor Courses Price
1 Day 75/person
2 Days 140/person
3 Days 205/person

*Concessions available for Students in full time education,  NotSoTrad Members, Momentum Services Ltd Staff and Eurostar staff.

Cancellation Policy

Any trip or event booked in advance will be reimbursed to the full amount minus Paypal / Bank fee for cancellations 14 days or more prior to the event.

After this deadline, 75% will be reimbursed up to 7 days to the event, and 50% up to the day before the Event.

Cancellations on the day of an Event are not refunded.


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