Macsen F6a – Veteran star Colin Goodey adds another new slate route

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Sue Goodey on Macsen F6a, Never Never Land, Dinorwig Quarry Photo: Colin Goodey

Veteran star Colin Goodey has added another new slate route to the Dinorwig Quarries. Macsen F6a tackles the line a few metres left of Hawkeye in the Never Never Land area. It is on good solid slate with two contrasting sections. The crux comes high up below the double bolt lower-off. Colin was joined on the route by Mark Hellewell, Sue Goodey, Sue Trainer, and Graham Sutton. Here he explains the background to the route, plus the story behind the name:



Colin in the slate quarries in 2010, having bagged yet another first ascent Photo: Si Panton

“Ian [Lloyd-Jones] had selected two lines for me to do in my 80th year. As previously reported on the V12 site that wonderfully kind gesture of Ian making my last new route at 80 which I called ‘Octogenarian’. Well, that was done whilst undergoing chemo therapy and feeling tired and sick! Ian saw I was not well and said afterwards -‘we won’t look at the other one I had in mind but will show it to you and maybe when your feeling better you might like to bolt it and bag it’, which I did two weeks later although still feeling bad from my cancer treatment.”



Colin on Octogenarian F5b, Never Never Land, Dinorwig Slate Quarry Photos: Celt Lloyd-Jones

“So, with a group of family and friends we bolted the climb and made ‘Macsen’. For Octogenarian and every other time I have been with Ian in the quarries he has always had his faithful collie with him, often tied to the foot of the crag or hanging around waiting for him. The dog’s name was Macsen (Welsh for the Latin name Magnus Maximus – a Roman Emperor who featured in many folk tales including The Mabinogion). The dog was killed soon after Octogenarian and Ian and family were devastated – so since ‘Macsen’ was part of the quarry scene and was always with him I called our route after him.”



Colin high on Octogenarian F5b, with Ian belaying.


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