Tragedy Strikes Ueli Steck’s 82 Summit Project, Part 3

Ueli Steck’s journey has led him to some of the hardest mountains in the Alps, into towering spines above Chamonix, France. There he joins his old friends and makes new ones with every peak. The climbing gets more technical and more challenging here but it doesn’t stop Ueli moving forward in his challenge, bagging peak after peak on his way toward the Italian side of the Mont Blanc massif. There he spends lot of time in the Torino hut which gives him amazing access to many surrounding 4000m peaks. In the Torino hut Ueli Steck meets up with Dutch alpinist
Martijn Seuren

Martijn Seuren

Martijn Seuren who, during the ascent of one of the alpine peaks, tragically dies in an accident on Grandes Jorasses.


Join Ueli and the team as they battle their way through the highs and lows of a very classic alpine challenge in the Alps. Come back for the final part on 6th of January.


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Check out the whole project on their site : 82 summits

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