Vertigirls: Cornwall 2017

Check out this video from my friends at Vertigirls!
They have entered the BMC TV Women In Adventure film competition 2018, so do not hesitate sharing this to support them!


Vertigirls is a women’s rock climbing club based in Brighton and Hove aimed at but not exclusively for women with additional needs. The main objective of the group is to empower women through the sport of rock climbing.
This film gives a taste of what it’s like to be a Vertigirl (supportive and fun!) and was shot during the club’s visit to Cornwall in August 2017 by Katy Beswetherick and edited by Julia Fry.
This is not just any climbing club as the leader, Christine, is driven not only by her love of climbing, but also by her spiritual connection with the rock, reminding us that we must respect our environment when we climb.
The club welcomes and supports all women, especially encouraging those who have mental health problems and physical disabilities.
It is about empowering women to feel that they can achieve in a non competitive environment, and to feel that they can play in the outdoors, with as much right and reason to be there as men.
It is also about the love and support that women can give to other women when times are tough.
All these aspects of The Vertigirls come across in the 8 minute film, which is a mixture of moving and still images, and interviews overlaid with music.


A film by Julia Fry & Katy Beswetherick.
Entered for the BMC TV Women In Adventure film competition 2018.
Find out more about the competition

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